Melancholy, Me and You.

Snow, Melancholy; Green College – December 2016, iPhone 7 Plus

Snow puts me in several moods: wonder, contentment, melancholy. Melancholy is also one of my favourite words to describe an emotion. Tonight I feel it and decided to write about it. If I had to put a soundtrack to it, currently on repeat: Present Tense by Radiohead.

Each letter fits together so beautifully
With a balance so perfect
Each syllable rings melodically
With a rise and fall as calm as the ocean tide
The word sits alone but not quite lonely
In quiet solitude

Me and you
We fit together so perfectly
With a balance so beautiful
We breathe and we talk harmonically
With an ebb and flow uplifting and pastoral
I sit alone a little bit lonely
The depths of you



Steam clock, Gastown – August 2015, FUJI X100S

Last night I heard everything in slow motion. I saw that people love, but they cry. I smelled fires raged from warmth but turned to hate. You told me there’s no such thing as a safe place.

Then the word “safe” kept coming back to me. This short, simple word that rarely finds its use outside of signs and warnings of physical threat. But this short, simple word evokes a powerful resolution of fundamental human desires–to belong, to love and be loved, to be understood, to be good enough, to feel whole.

In the comfort and constancy of true companionship, there is a radiance that crowds out insecurity, jealousy, and selfish ambition. It’s there you realize, in time, that safety resides in a person, not a place. It’s there you realize that even if you aren’t enough, somehow you are.

Christmas Eve

Winter Ice Storm at BTBC, Unionville – December 2013, FUJI X100

On the warmest Christmas Eve in history, here’s a photo of the ice storm in the winter of 2013.

I wish you see the warmest colours in the iciest of times. Merry Christmas!

Come Home, Stay Home.

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco – February 2015, iPhone 5

There were whispers, there were glances
They were bold, they were subtle
Two steps forward, five steps back
A glimpse of colour, fades to grey

Stop wandering, stop running
Stop knocking, stop pounding
You’re safe, come home
You’re safe, stay home.

Art, supplies.

Double entendre – May 2015, FUJI X100

I often feel too distant from artistic desires and endeavors. Today, the LUMAS (contemporary photography) gallery in Gastown sparked in me a sense of emotional connection. As I was searching for a first photo to inaugurate this blog, I came across this one from downtown Hamilton. For the first time since I took this photo, I read this sign with a double entendre. Art, supplies: art provides, art sustains, art satisfies. 

Taken during an unintentionally long period of distraction at work.